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Although not connected with the 1960's Sparta Electronics Company, Sparta Broadcast is now supplying products featuring that famous name and logo.
Yes, we know that other automation systems have fancy touchscreens and bright colors...but we'll put the downright reliability of SpartaMation up against any other system anywhere. SpartaMation also has a built in music scheduler for using Music on Hard Drive. Not only that...but your talent (Local or Remote) can cut up to 9 different personality driven intros for any song and when the song plays on thier show, one of the nine intros will rotate. Couple this with generic liners, time checks & temp announcments all in the jocks voice, well you not only have a great sounding station, people will swear it's all LIVE!

Satellite talk shows? No problem. We have an eight channel switcher that not only takes live programming now, it'll record automatically shows you need to time-shift.

Dropping in magic calls & local liners on a music format? No Problem. What about a last minute jock change? Again, no problem. 26 different jock codes are available and can be switched out very quickly.

Sparta-Mation blends seamlessly with Natural Log and of course you can choose the more powerful music scheduler called Natural Music! We can bundle the Traffic and Music Software from Natural and pre-load them onto new Computers.

Take a look at the very simple screen shots. SpartaMation is easy to learn and even easier to operate.
Of course traditional Voice Tracking is also available with Sparta-Mation. Your voice tracks have an easy key to quickly identify the day of the week, hour of the day and of course number of the track. The "VTK" code can be replaced with your announcers intitials so BOB or JON or TIM will jump directely to thier own show tracks. Remote Voice Tracking from virtually anywhere can be cut and sent direct to your automation computer attached to email. The computer goes on the net to find and automatically download as often as every five minutes. Sparta-Mation then loads the tracks in the right place so the show sounds seamless, and it does it all by itself.

The weather can be automatically loaded into a viewer so your local forecast is right there while you're cutting your show tracks. You push the SEC button when you want to talk up the ramp to next song.

Voice Tracks get automatic dates so only a current VT will play on the right date.
The very simple record screen holds a lot of power. It has START and KILL dates which will keep old or outdated spots or other audio cuts from playing.

With the AutoPlay check turned on, clicking on any file in the window will start it automatically playing.

From this screen you can set Intro and Outro points on any audio cut. Program segues as tight or as loosely as you desire.

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