Worldwide Broadcast Equipment
Armstrong's FMX series of FM Exciters offer clean audio sound combined with exceptional reliability, quality and "plug and play" installation: FMX exciters are available in powers from 30 to 300 watts and Solid State Amplifiers at 650 and 1,300 watts.

Our exciters are FCC approved for use as exciters and stand alone low power transmitters. All feature full remote monitoring capability, multiple SCA inputs.
Armstrong's "LCD Series" and "Series B" Solid State FM Transmitters offer you the maximum redundancy available in solid-state transmitters today.

Our design utilizes a building block approach to achieve the required transmitter output power. Multiples of either our FM1000LCD or FM2000B self-contained Solid State Amplifier are rack mounted with an appropriately sized driver and externally combined.

These amplifiers both use 300-watt RF modules that contain the Philips BLF 278 MOSFET. This commonly available FET has been proven in thousands of solid state transmitters in use worldwide.

Armstrong ensures that each output device is thermostatically protected and protected against excessive VSWR by a fold back circuit, which proportionally reduces power when VSWR is present. In addition the transmitter combiner also triggers fold back when external VSWR is detected.

Metering and Alarm indications are available for each amplifier, the exciter and the driver. Plus, overall transmitter metering and alarms are available both on the transmitter and for remote monitoring via DB25 connector located on the rear panel of their chassis.

A rmstrong's Single Tube Transmitters have become affectionately known as "Work Horses". The grounded grid, broadband PA design, offers several benefits not found in other transmitter designs.

NO Neutralization: A single tube in this configuration never oscillates and does not need to be neutralized. This design is also the most stable transmitter design available.

Exceptional Tube Life: Depending on the power level of your transmitter you may experience tube life up to 5 years or more.

Low AM Noise: The broadband design of the PA offers the lowest AM noise levels to be found in a tube transmitter.

Each of Armstrong's single tube transmitters offer our unique PA thermostatic protection. If there is an occurrence which causes the PA temperature to rise above the factory preset the Transmitter control circuitry will shut the transmitter down and alarm of the condition before damage can occur to the PA. VSWR protection and easy remote control hook up are all standard feature regardless of transmitter power level.
Elettronika offers a complete range of equipment for transmitting and transposing FM Radio signals. Providing individual devices as well as high-power turn-key systems. Assisting and supporting the customers before and after the sale.

All of Elettronika products are guaranteed for 24 months from its purchase date, and a large network of distributors having their own spare supply assures fast assistance everywhere in the world.
 FM Transmitters and Exciters from 30 to 10,000 Watts!
NT30 / NT30H - 30 or 70 Watt FM Exciters
NT150 - 150 Watt FM Transmitter - LPFM FCC Certified
NT250 - 250 Watt FM Transmitter - LPFM FCC Certified
NT350 - 350 Watt FM Transmitter - LPFM FCC Certified
NT1000 - 1000 Watt FM Transmitter -High Efficiency MOSFET
NT500 - 500 Watt FM Transmitter -High Efficiency MOSFET
NT2500 - 2500 Watt FM Transmitter -High Efficiency MOSFET
NT5000 - 5000 Watt FM Transmitter -High Efficiency MOSFET
Stay On The Air - Hot swappable plug in Power Supplies.
                                                                                                       ...WE OFFER NEW OMB TECHNOLOGY
                                                 Three power supply units, four amplifier modules in each module, several power stages for each equipment, partial disconnection system in case of short-circuit, and double exciter with automatic switching system keep your transmissions safe and sound 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year.
                                                    More efficient power modules and power supply units, together with the fan speed control system based on the refrigeration needs; allow a decrease of electrical consumption up to a 25% in your bills, as well as a reduction on HVAC expenses.
                                                                             Power transistors are protected in less than 1s in case of an excess of reflected power or overdrive, due to our equipments Ultra-Fast Protection System, which leads to the prolongation of their life.


QEI FMQ 20000B-30000B FM Transmitter



QEI FMQ Series FM Transmitters, precision crafted to be the very best. The FMQ-20000B and FMQ-30000B share unique design elements that offer unequaled performance at any price. Conservatively designed for years of trouble free service the FMQ-Series provide a superb broadcast signal.

QEI FMQ 8000B-10000B FM Transmitter

QEI designed the FMQ-Series to deliver what broadcasters need, RELIABILITY. Every step of the way QEI selected only the highest quality components. You can feel it in the smooth and precise control of the tuning and see it in the massive plate transformer. The FMQ-Series are the best broadcast transmitters available.

QEI QUANTUM MBB 2-5kW Transmitters

Designed for years of trouble free service, the totally solid-state QUANTUM MBB-Series of broadband FM transmitters provide unsurpassed signal performance. The QUANTUM MBB-Series of 2 and 5 kilowatt transmitters offer the FM broadcaster the benefits of QEIs experience in designing broadband solid-state FM RF amplifiers and combining systems.

QEI FMQ 3500B-5000B FM Transmitter

The FMQ-3500B and FMQ-5000B share common elements with the design of FMQ-8000B and FMQ-10000B and are easily and cost effectively field upgradeable to 5-kW, 8-kW, or 10-kW power levels.

QEI QUANTUM E Series FM Transmitter

The QUANTUM E Series establishes a new level in FM transmitter performance with the advantage of being the highest power emergency backup exciter available. The E Series transmitters utilize the same Frequency Modulated Oscillator (FMO) utilized in the QUANTUM M Series Exciter, to provide un-compromised audio performance at an affordable price.

QEI QUANTUM 1000E FM Transmitter

The QUANTUM 1000E is an all solid-state, broadband design that incorporates two high power FET amplifier modules driven by a QUANTUM 50M FM exciter and it is designed to exceed the FCC requirements for use in the FM broadcast band.
EBS Transmitter Sales Requirements:
We will only quote and sell transmitters in the USA after obtaining proof that the customer is an FCC Licensed facility. USA stations placing orders for a custom built transmitter may deposit 50% of the cost with balance due at time of shipping.
Valued Export Customers wishing to take delivery within the USA must prove that the transmitter is in fact being exported via other than direct shipping from EBS. Customers Worldwide may order transmitters for direct export. Foreign sales require 100% payment in advance.  Used transmitters may be found at
Erickson Broadcast Sales - 1712 Pioneer Avenue Suite 347 - Cheyenne Wyoming 82001